Thursday, November 12, 2009

Platinum Blonde To Fire Red-Steffany

This is my client Steffany. She has been blonde for the majority of her life. She came into the salon for the first time right before the summer months. She wanted to do something different and go darker but was really nervous. I told her that we should go blonde one more time and then change it after the summer so that it wouldn't fade from her being outside all the time. She agreed. She is a member at Lifetime Fitness and I would see her all the time and she would tell me that she was totally ready to change her color.
We made her appointment and was ready to change her complete look. She came in on that Friday afternoon and said just make me red. I don't care what else I want to be red. Well, I love reds... obviously. So I was super excited about this. We did a filler on her hair so that the pigment of the primary colors were put back into her blonde hair. I then put orange highlights and purple low-lights, with an allover color of intense red. SHE LOOKED AMAZING!!!

This is Steffany before


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