Thursday, February 18, 2010

"...You know what I like..."

On of my dearest client and friend came in the other day to get her hair colored and trimmed for her wedding. I was scheduled to do the wedding hair on March 13th and was so excited to practice the updo! First thing Sara says to me was that the wedding was off and they were no longer going to be together. I was so sad for Sara but told her that she needed to have a new look and style to let go of all the drama that she has gone through and start fresh.
I asked her what she was thinking. All she said was "You know me. You know what I like. Go."
I LOVE THIS!! This is a stylists dream to have a client sit down and say do what you want.
So I did...

Sara before

Sara after. A-symmetrical cut
Short on the left
Super fun in the back
Longer on the right
She seriously loved it!! I was so excited for her!! It was for sure a shock at first but I saw her the next day and she was so happy with it!!
To help people get through a hard time and give them something to look forward to and to enjoy makes all the hours I put in and the late nights so worth it for me!!

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