Sunday, May 2, 2010


Jessie is a great client of mine. I have had the wonderful opportunity to do the hair of her entire family. For the past 4 years. I first met Jessie when she came into the salon for a consultation for her 8th Grade Promotion up-do.
This is Jessie after I did her hair for her SENIOR PROM! It was so crazy to me that I was really doing her hair for her prom. It feels like yesterday when I met her.

Rachel is a wonderful client as well. I met her a year ago when I did her hair for her Junior Prom. Since then I have done her hair for every formal and event her family has been apart of. I have become close to Rachel and her mother, Amy. This family is fabulous.
This is Rachel's year for SENIOR PROM! She wanted a simple updo. She is so fun!

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