Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So I know I always blog every month how long it's been that I've had my own salon. I promise when I hit a year it won't be like that. I am just so excited and amazed at how fast time has gone by. It has been a learning experience for me from every angle.
I am so blessed and grateful for amazing clients that have followed me through this journey. I love you all! I love that my family listened to me for years saying I was going on my own and just nodding their heads thinking ya, ya. we will believe it when we see it. And then as soon I was serious, the love and support was amazing!

6 Months down, a lifetime of loving my work to go. :)

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  1. I ALWAYS believed in you and knew you would do it! You are the BEST hair stylist out there! I love that you love what you do for work everyday. It has inspired me to not just get a career to pay the bills, but to go into a career I know I will love doing EVERYDAY. Love you Sara!