Sunday, February 27, 2011


About a week ago the room next to me became available. The stylist that was there had left, basically overnight. I talked to my leasing manager and asked how much the rent would be if I wanted to knock the wall down and have one big room in the front. She said to give her an offer and that we would talk about it. I put an offer in and she came back with the approval! I was so excited cause that meant that me and Janessa could work in the same space. We wanted to do the remodeling right away so I called Rusty.
Him and one of his guys came and spent a day at the salon to knock the wall down.

The before

Janessa and I had to right our names so we will always be there :)
The after!
I am IN LOVE with how it turned out! It was a long 15hr day but so so worth it! I am so excited to be working in the same space as Janessa and to have more of a salon feel. :) I never thought that after 6 months I would have a bigger place! YAY!!

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